Solution Developer Team Leader


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Computer/IT Services

Location: Haiti

Start Date: July 20, 2011

Posted On: Jul 06, 2011

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Solution Developer Team Leader at COMCEL / VOILA

Job Description:

1. Assumes responsibility for coordinating and overseeing programming activities.
• Oversees daily activities of team members.
• Coordinates activities to meet business needs and required schedules.
• Develops technical specifications, schedules, and milestones for specific project assignments.
• Oversees the assembling of separate code sections into larger systems.
• Reports updates and project reviews to Senior Management.
• Ensures that assigned team tasks are completed in accordance with established plans, procedures, and deadlines.
• Trains the programming team in current and new technologies.
2. Assumes responsibility for effectively performing Systems Analyst functions.
• Develops key coding for more complex projects. Assists the programming team in system-wide development.
• Works with project management groups to determine needed functionality and development solutions of future systems.
• Assists in flow charting and diagramming processes and provides documentation of programming activities as needed.
• Coordinates the efforts of Programmers in the completion of larger systems. Provides resource support, directs programming of sub-sections, and assists with more difficult functions.
• Oversees debugging processes, checks functionality of systems, and ensures quality control.
• Ensures that developed code is easy to read and adjust, and reusable in future systems.
3. Assumes responsibility for establishing and maintaining professional working relations with customers, suppliers, and outside contacts.
• Tracks and resolves problems promptly and effectively.
• Ensures that new systems are smoothly integrated with current networks.
• Obtains and conveys information as needed.
• Promotes goodwill and a positive image of the Company.
4. Effectively supervises assigned personnel, ensuring optimal performance.
• Provides leadership to Systems Analysts and Programmers through effective objective setting, delegation, and communication. Conducts meetings to ensure that personnel are well informed of changes in systems and procedures.
• Cultivates and fosters team building and cooperation, and motivates team members to achieve goals. Provides assistance and support as needed.
• Provides measurable feedback and suggestions for improved performance.
• Handles payroll reporting functions for assigned employees.
5. Assumes responsibility for related duties as required or assigned.
• Ensures that work area is clean, secure, and well maintained.
• Stays informed of IT trends and developments.
• Completes special projects as assigned.

Job Qualifications:

• B. S. in computer science or a related field, or an equivalent combination of experience and training.
Required Knowledge:
• Strong knowledge of development cycles and standards.
• Thorough understanding of development platforms.
• Understanding of planning and development of large-scale systems.
Experience Required:
• Four or more years of related programming experience, with at least two years of supervisory or team management experience.
• Excellent leadership and project management skills.
• Works well in a team environment.
• Strong oral and written communications abilities.
• Solid analytical, technical, and problem solving skills.
• Able to use all related computer applications; excellent programming skills.
Language Ability:
• French and English


Voilà (anciennement ComCEL),, basée à Port-au-Prince, est une société de Télécommunications en Haïti. Créé en 1997, ComCEL a lancé des services de téléphonie sans fil en Haïti en Septembre 1999. En 2005, ComCEL a obtenu une licence pour exploiter un réseau GSM à l'échelle nationale, le lancement de la marque Voilà à couverture nationale. Voilà sert désormais des clients de tous les secteurs économiques à travers le pays. Son actionnaire majoritaire, Trilogy International Partners (TIP), basée à Bellevue, Washington, a mis au point des entreprises de télécommunications sans fil à travers le monde. Le portefeuille de TIP comprend actuellement quatre opérateurs: en Bolivie (Nuevatel, opérant sous la marque Viva), en République dominicaine (Trilogy Dominicana opérant sous la marque Viva), la Nouvelle-Zélande (2degrees) et en Haïti.

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