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Consulting & Strategy

Location: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Start Date: June 05, 2015

Posted On: May 29, 2015

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Legal Report Editor at Legal Editor

Job Description:

Terms of Reference
15 June – 31 August 2015


Assist a team of professionals in the preparation of legal reports in English regarding national and international labour law in the Haitian context.
Review all reports produced by individual team members in order to ensure consistency and high quality.
Provide feedback to team members to help improve their reporting abilities and general understanding of how to report on legal enterprise level assessments.
Provide feedback to management on the performance of each team member in line with specified criteria, e.g., internal consistency, compliance with minimum content requirements, English, completeness (findings are sufficiently supported and explained), correctness of legal decisions, etc.

Tasks and Deliverables

1. Review and edit twelve legal reports developed by team members. This work will include 48 hours of work (approximately 4 hours per report). This work will entail completing a first review of the initial report draft, returning it to report authors with comments, and then following up on additional drafts until a final report is completed and ready for approval by the Program Manager. Feedback to team members can be by email but also should be via phone (Skype) and in person whenever possible to ensure development of personal relationships and trust that make interactive work easier over time.

Key considerations in conducting this work include:
• Ensure accuracy of findings and correct application of applicable standards, requesting additional information from report authors when necessary
• Ensure consistency in approach across team members
• Ensure quality of English language, as the reports are written by non-native speakers, but the general point of each finding must be clear to the reader
• Ensure the right tone of reports, with a focus on identifying all legal issues while also taking a partnership based approach

2. Provide input to the Program Managers as to key issues and successes in the reporting. Suggest ideas for how to improve reporting approach, style and other when needed.

Non Disclosure Agreement

1. Confidential Information.

Certain of its confidential and proprietary information (the "Confidential Information") will be disclosed to the contractor. Confidential Information shall include all data, materials, products, technology, computer programs, specifications, manuals, business plans, software, marketing plans, concepts, financial information, and other information disclosed or submitted, orally, in writing, or by any other media, to the contractor with respect to this contract. Nothing herein shall require the organization to disclose any of its information.

2. The Contractor’s Obligations.
A. The Company agrees that the Confidential Information is to be considered confidential and proprietary of the contracting organization and that The Contractor shall hold the same in confidence, shall not use the Confidential Information other than for the purposes of its business with the organization, and shall disclose it only to its officers, directors, or employees on a specific need to know basis. The Contractor will not disclose, publish or otherwise reveal any of the Confidential Information received from the organization to any other party whatsoever except with the specific prior written authorization of the organization.

B. Confidential Information furnished in tangible form shall not be duplicated by The Contractor except for purposes of the above contract of work. Upon the request of the organization, The Contractor shall return all Confidential Information received from the organization or developed by the Recipient in written or tangible form, including copies, or reproductions or other media containing such Confidential Information, within ten (10) days of such request. Per The Contractor's preference, these documents may be destroyed instead of returned to the organization. In the latter case, The Contractor shall provide a written certificate to the organization regarding destruction within ten (10) days thereafter.

4. No License.
Nothing contained herein shall be construed as granting or conferring any rights by license or otherwise in any Confidential Information by the organization. It is understood and agreed that neither party solicits any change in the organization, business practice, service or products of the other party, and that the disclosure of Confidential Information shall not be construed as evidencing any intent by a party to purchase any products or services of the other party nor as an encouragement to expend funds in development or research efforts. Confidential Information may pertain to prospective or unannounced products or services. The Contractor agrees not to use any Confidential Information as a basis upon which to develop or have a third party develop a competing or similar product or service.

5. No Publicity.
The contractor agrees not to disclose the invitation to participate to the above request for proposal, its participation, the existence or terms and conditions of this Agreement, or the fact that discussions are or were being held with the organization.

Cost and Payment Schedule

The contractor will be paid $50 USD per hour for 48 hours. In total $2,400 USD.

The company should not spend more than 4 hours, on average, per report. Any significant changes or additional hours must be cleared in advance with the contracting organization. The contractor will track hours and report them on a monthly basis, and will be paid upon provision of hour lists, satisfactory completion of deliverables and upon receipt of an invoice.

Job Qualifications:

• Ensure adequate documentation of evidence for report findings
• Ensure correct application of applicable standards in legal decisions
• Promote consistency between individual team members in their reports
• Protect confidentiality of data sources
• Minimize time and effort required to complete reports
• Regular communication between the supplier and the country team to brainstorm and test the feasibility of various options for improvement

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