Fleet Manager

Company: Brasserie de la Couronne S.A.

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Location: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Start Date: June 30, 2015

Posted On: Jun 01, 2015

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Fleet Manager at Brasserie de la Couronne S.A.

Job Description:

Under the supervision of the Operation Manager, the Fleet Manager will have to:
•Develop, implement and monitor adherence to fleet Management Policies and procedures.
•Perform vehicle registration, insurance and inspection formalities and documentation regarding induction of new vehicles in existing fleet.
•Oversee the repair and maintenance operation for all Sales truck and Car company, including garage operations.
•Oversee routine and ad hoc maintenance, obtain tags for new vehicles and renew old ones to ensure schedule fleet management.
•Coordinate vehicle concerns and issues.
•Research and develop specifications for vehicles, equipment, supplies and materials.
•Plan, develop and execute a vehicle and equipment replacement schedule.
•Coordinate and monitor usage of fueling facilities.
•Negotiate and establish repair cost or parts pricing with commercial vendors.
•Maintain equipment records in accordance with vehicle registration plan.
•Prepare monthly and quarterly Inspection Report.
•Review and process requisitions for parts and supplies to procurement.
•Review vendor bid responses for tools, equipment, parts and services; monitor expenditures.
•Review financial budget reports and prepare yearly operating budget.
•Prepare annual bid list for parts and supplies.
•Identify and coordinate training needs for garage employees.
•Monitor vehicle performance and driver behavior.
•Facilitate and implement corrective actions and capacity building to manage entire fleet to achieve BRACOUR objectives.
•Perform related work as required.

Job Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering or any Engineering or Mechanical related fields with extensive experience in similar position.
•Comprehensive knowledge of the principles and practices of repair facility management.
•Comprehensive knowledge of the hazards and safety precautions of large scale operations.
•Comprehensive knowledge of business practices applicable to garage management.
•Ability to plan and supervise the work of others.
•Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with drivers and the general public.

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