Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant

Company: Feed The Future Haiti Chanje Lavi Plantè

Job Type:

International Organisations

Location: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Start Date: October 18, 2015

Posted On: Sep 03, 2015

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Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant at Feed The Future Haiti Chanje Lavi Plantè

Job Description:

The M&E assistant will be responsible for supporting the M&E Specialist in the development and the implementation of the Feed the Future Haiti Chanje Lavi Plantè project’s Monitoring and Evaluation Plan. He / She will:
• Support project monitoring and evaluation tasks (planning, coordination of monitoring activities, training, data collection, cleaning and analysis);
• Be responsible to collect, compile, check, sort and analyze qualitative and quantitative data about ongoing field activities according to the reporting guidelines;
• Support work to ensure that accurate and complete monitoring, evaluation and data collection, storage systems, records and files are set up, maintained and updated;
• Support training for the project staff as required on data collection and monitoring;
• Identify gaps and facilitate development of M&E-related capacities among colleagues and stakeholders to ensure participation, enable ownership and facilitate quality of data collection, management and use;
• Conduct field visits and provide full feedback from field staff on the M&E under request of M&E Specialist;
• Ensure that project feedback, results and lessons learnt are effectively fed back to inform adjustments and improvements in project approaches, scale - up and delivery;
• Update and maintain MIS database regularly;

Job Qualifications:

• Bachelor degree in Economics or Statistics Sciences, or a related field (with monitoring and evaluation subject components analysis throughout the project to verify achievement of results);
• At least one year experience working in monitoring and evaluation of development projects funded by international donors, especially USAID;
• Preferably a good experience of project’s implementation in Haiti, especially in the agricultural sector;
• Strong analytical skills and computer skills in Microsoft Office (Word and Excel. Knowledge in Access is a plus;
• Solid writing and communication skills. Fluency in French, and English;
• Ability to meet tight deadlines and prioritize effectively, to convey results to non-technical stakeholders, and to generate interest in the use of M&E results and help staff to make programmatic improvements desired;
• Demonstrated interest in development issues and practice;
• Strong personal initiative, resourcefulness and capacity to work individually;
• Proven ability to work as part of a team;
• Strong problem solving skills;
• Interest and commitment to gender equality in development.

About Feed The Future Haiti Chanje Lavi Plantè

The purpose of the Feed the Future Haïti Chanje Lavi Plantè project is to “im-plement broad-scale investments in agriculture, in order to make selected productive plains more competitive. Feed the Future West Chanje Lavi Plantè aims to promote agricultural intensification, sound natural resource management, and a modern post-harvest and marketing system”. Farmer organizations will be the main partners and will be strengthened to operate as modern and environmentally friendly enterprises, through a value chain approach.

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