Brand Manager

Company: Brasserie Nationale d'Haiti S.A. (BRANA)

Job Type:

Marketing & Communications

Location: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Start Date: September 29, 2015

Posted On: Sep 15, 2015

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Brand Manager at Brasserie Nationale d'Haiti S.A. (BRANA)

Job Description:

 Contribute to the Development of Brand Strategy, deriving from BWP under the supervision of the marketing director
 Define yearly brand objectives and translate into Annual Brand Plan
 Evaluate and translate BHT into actionable point for his brand
 Undertake half yearly review of Brand activities and propose changes if necessary.
 Follow up & evaluation of Brand activities.
Define Brand in a bottle and Brand manual (Q1-2013)
 Develop & execute advertising strategies to communicate efficiently
 Lead the advertising development process (Briefing, Creative and advertising productions) under supervision of Marketing Director.
 Contribute to the formulation of the media strategy of brands in consultation with the Media Manager, including translating new insights on consumer media (traditional & Digital) habits into new media strategy
 Define in consultation with Media Manager, the appropriate media investments and media plans related to the brand.
 Manage the interface with advertising agencies with regards to developing and executing campaigns as well as ad hoc advertising needs.
 Lead the evaluation of advertising (pre- and post) researches to feed in and feedback on effective advertising.
Ensure that all our brand communication, sponsorship and promotions promote responsible alcohol use and are in line the HNV rules for commercial communication.
 Develop & execute sponsorship strategies to communicate efficiently
 Coordinate sponsorship investments related.
 Coordinate sponsorship activities with the collaboration of the event department.
 Identify new sponsorship opportunities expected to drive better brand experience.
Lead the evaluation of sponsorships (formal & informal) researches to feed-in and feedback on effective sponsorships
 Develop promotional strategies & objectives to communicate efficiently positioning in right channels with the collaboration of the trade marketing department.
 Evaluate implementation of promotional activities related to brands with the collaboration of the trade marketing department in order to meet brand objectives.
 Identify new promotional opportunities expected to drive better brand experience.
 Develop efficient & impactful visibility strategies in right channels with the collaboration of the trade marketing department.
 Coordinate with the trade marketing department the development and the update of the POS pyramid.
 Evaluate deployment of visibility items in right channels & right outlets with the collaboration of the trade marketing department.
 Continuously evaluate brand profitability whilst exploring means to maximise profitability
 Contribute to the definition of the Annual Budget for the brand
 Search and apply effective measures to improve cost effectiveness of all activities related to the brand.
 Monitor budget utilisation and provide early warning and corrective measures on a monthly basis

 Define the Research needs in relation to the brand plan

 Drive the implementation of Research results

 Lead the Consumer Insight generation process for the brand.

 Use Consumer Insights to Define and Drive innovations in terms of products, Sku’s, advertising, sponsorship, promotions and visibility.

 Define the main Consumer Insights for the brand

 Lead Innovation Projects related to the brand

 Regularly update self on Market trends & development and use this to enrich and optimise brand management

 Any other task or duty required by the supervisor

Job Qualifications:

Master Marketing, Administration

Other Competencies
Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point et Outlook
Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point et Outlook

Leadership, Team Work,Communication,Plannig and Execution
Negociation Skills, Integrity

About Brasserie Nationale d'Haiti S.A. (BRANA)

Responsible for brand building and innovation programs through development, planning, execution, evaluation & refinement of individual brand strategies & objectives to ensure sustainable brand health, market share growth & profitability.

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