English Instructor (E2)

Company: Haitian Education & Leadership Program

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Location: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Start Date: October 28, 2015

Posted On: Sep 16, 2015

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English Instructor (E2) at Haitian Education & Leadership Program

Job Description:

The English Instructor (E2) reports to the Academic Director and works with other English, Citizenship & Leadership, and IT staff on all aspects of the English program. The E2 is responsible for class planning, instruction, and evaluations, and will also participate in curricula development and review. Presence at program, department, and all-staff meetings will also be required. The E2 may also have residential life advising duties in one of the HELP student houses.

Job Qualifications:

• Teaching 6-8 classes including: planning and preparation, office hours/tutoring, evaluations and attendance (approximately 10 class hours/week and 10 planning/evaluation hours/week)
• Administrative duties including: reports, resource management, and meetings (approximately 10 hours/week)
• Additional duties including: recruiting and hiring program staff, organizing and teaching staff classes, study abroad duties, English translation of staff reports, interviewing students and drafting updates for HELP marketing materials and donor reports (approximately 5 hours/week)

Indicators of Performance:
These indicators are used to guide the performance evaluation for this position. Please note, that these indices are not exhaustive but they are meant to help the employee prioritize her/his work and for his/her supervisor to follow his/her performance:
1. Serves as a resource for students and staff interested in improving English proficiency
2. Reports are complete and submitted on time
3. English Program initiatives (extra- and co-curricular) are organized according to the annual calendar
4. Demonstrates a positive and collaborative attitude and represents the institution well inside and outside of HELP
• Bachelor’s degree (in a related field)
• Excellent communication skills, flexibility, ability to work under high-pressure situations, ability to multi-task
• Ability to work independently and as part of a team
• Ease with autonomy and limited structure
• Ability to use word processing and spreadsheet programs (Excel, Word)
• Excellent oral and written communication skills (English). French is an asset.

About Haitian Education & Leadership Program

The mission of the Haitian Education & Leadership Program (HELP) is to create, through merit- and needs-based university scholarships, a community of young professionals and leaders who will promote a more just society in Haiti.

The goal of HELP’s Academic Department is for all students to develop English proficiency, capacity in information technologies, as well as the skills and desire to work for positive change in Haiti. HELP’s English, IT, and Leadership classes are taught as separate curricula, however cross-curricular connections are an important part of course development.

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