Company: Brasserie Nationale d'Haiti S.A.

Job Type:

Marketing & Communications

Location: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Start Date: November 10, 2015

Posted On: Oct 02, 2015

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BRAND MANAGER JR at Brasserie Nationale d'Haiti S.A.

Job Description:

Responsible for brand building and innovation programs through development, planning, execution, evaluation & refinement of individual brand strategies & objectives to ensure sustainable brand health, market share growth & profitability

 Excellent understanding of the full marketing mix.
 Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
 Strong research and analytical skills.
 In-depth understanding of the company’s current brands and future concepts.
 Capable of identifying target audiences and devising campaigns that engage, inform and motivate.
 Ability to think creatively and innovatively.
 Budget-management skills and proficiency.
 Analytical skills to forecast and identify trends and challenges.
 Familiarity with the latest trends, technologies and methodologies in graphic design, web design, production, etc.
 Plan, develop and direct marketing efforts for a particular brand or product.
 Create strategies to take advantage of market opportunities.
 Conceptualize strategic initiatives and implement details of a campaign.
 Execute strategies with cross-functional teams.
 Manage external marketing partners such as advertising agencies, digital marketing firms and production companies.
 Supervise brand content.
 Develop brand standards and usage guidelines.
 Assist integration of campaigns with brand consistency.
 Track consumer and market insights by reviewing metrics such as sales volume, market share, profit projections, pricing and distribution, and by conducting consumer research.
 Analyze sales data to update a brand or category portfolio, determine new products.
 Work closely with departments such as Supply Chain and Sales to consult on package and product as it relates to branding.
 Write reports, specifications and creative briefs.
 Any other task or duty required by the supervisor.

Job Qualifications:

 BS/MS Degree in Marketing or a related field.
 Fluency in spoken and written French, English is required.
 Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook.
 Leadership, Team Work, Communication, Planning and Execution.
 Negotiation skills, Integrity.

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