Industrial Engineer Consultant (Haiti-LEVE)

Company: JE Austin Associates

Job Type:

Engineering Services

Location: Cap Haitien, Haiti

Start Date: February 05, 2015

Posted On: Nov 07, 2015

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Industrial Engineer Consultant (Haiti-LEVE) at JE Austin Associates

Job Description:

The apparel sector in the North is growing as more factories move into the Caracol Industrial Park (PIC, the French acronym). One of LEVE’s objectives is to support the entry and expansion of firms operating in this park.
Citadelle Manufacturing plans to manufacture soft sided bags for FLAMBEAU with a sizable initial order of $1.2 million. The company currently employs 4 individuals that are all experienced in industrial sewing; and would like to hire 12-15 sewing operators over the next 6 months; with the goal of reaching 200 operators within 3 years.
Citadelle Manufacturing will outgrow the existing 1,000 square meters of production space in just over a year. Planning for the new factory layout should start in the beginning of 2016. To do this, they require the assistance of an industrial engineer.

The purpose of this Scope of Work is to assist Citadelle Manufacturing to develop a phased growth plan and a factory layout, which will include:
• Reviewing the current layout and personnel job descriptions, in relation to the expected growth plan;
• Developing with management the new layout that will make proper use of the available floor space and the production capacity. The new layout will ensure employee safety and health while improving productivity.
• Conducting a cost analysis on the layout, in relation to the expected growth plan; showing how the material handling costs will be affected and providing details on volume and product flexibility.
• Designing a maintenance plan for the equipment and the plant.

The Consultant will:
1) Conduct the assignment through discussions with the current company members.
2) Present a draft of the growth plan (layout) to the Board for comment and discussion.
3) Finalize the layout plan and cost (financial analysis.)

1) Draft of the actual layout plan (timing to be developed with Citadelle management).
2) Final phase growth plan and associated costs (financial analysis).
3) Final layout plan.
4) In-brief and out-brief with LEVE Chief of Party.
5) Presentation of work conducted to industry stakeholders.

• 6 months – in-country

Job Qualifications:

Minimum Qualifications:
Bachelors' of Engineering

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