Company: JE Austin Associates

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Clothing and Textile Manufacturing

Location: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Start Date: October 09, 2016

Posted On: Sep 09, 2016

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The USAID-funded Local Enterprise and Value Chain Enhancement (LEVE) project strives to increase economic growth and employment opportunities in Haiti. LEVE will expand opportunities for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to generate employment for Haitian men, women, and youth in the three development corridors: Port-au-Prince, Saint-Marc and Cap-Haïtien. LEVE will improve the competitiveness of key sectors: construction, apparel and textile, and agribusiness, working with select value chains with the most potential for growth. LEVE project’s four main components are:

Component 1: Enable MSMEs to engage with other value chain actors to mutually create value.

Component 2: Increase MSMEs access to a productive labor pool with relevant skills and competencies.

Component 3: Improve the sustainability of Haitian organizations serving target sectors and corridors.

Component 4: Identify and improve synergies among existing programs and activities.

The apparel and fashion accessories sector has been developing in the last few years, as more local designers try to grow existing opportunities in both the local and export markets. One of LEVE’s objectives is to support job creation and economic growth in the sector by providing support to those small designers.
Rebuild Globally Haiti S.A., better known as deux mains designs, is an ethical fashion and footwear company manufacturing one-of-a kind artisanal collections in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Since 2011, the company has developed an innovative process to make sandals and accessories using recycled rubber and locally sourced leather. With LEVE’s support, Rebuild Globally is seeking to increase production 3 times over the next two years. The company now employs 21 individuals, and is hoping to double this number by increasing its production capacity.
In order to achieve these goals Rebuild Globally needs to expand the size of their facility and procure some additional machinery and equipment. In order to guide them through this process, they also require the assistance of a technical expert who will provide leadership for the Manufacturing Department to ensure the successful development, implementation, and maintenance of manufacturing processes and all supporting systems.
Major areas of responsibility include processing procedures, operational SOPs, and facility design and flow SOPs. This position will be responsible for managing Manufacturing Staff and ensuring compliance to company procedures as well as regulatory agency requirements.

The purpose of this Scope of Work is to assist Rebuild Globally Haiti S.A. to develop a phased growth plan and a factory layout, which will include:
• Reviewing the existing manufacturing processes and operational SOPs to identify bottlenecks;
• Assessing key production processes and defining new methods for production planning, workflow improvement as well as supply chain management;
• Providing guidance on what machines need to be purchased to increase productivity and output;
• Assisting in the design of a new production layout that ensures an efficient use of the new machinery while bearing in mind the required safety and health standards;
• Developing an implementation and training phase to incorporate the new machines in the production;
• Designing a maintenance plan for the new equipment and the plant;
• Providing general guidance regarding production, quality control, industry trends.

The Consultant will:
• Responsible for ensuring the structure and staffing of Manufacturing is adequate to meet company objectives
• Ensure that the Manufacturing Department produces a product that adheres to determined manufacturing practices
• Partner with Quality Control Department to perform and document manufacturing investigations as required
• Ensure that the Manufacturing Department maintains a high production rate
• Coordinate manufacturing schedule to ensure that product inventory is maintained at a level that meets client and partner needs
• Work with Materials Management to ensure that manufacturing materials are maintained at sufficient levels at all times
• Develop, implement, and improve systems and procedures
• Develop and coach the Manufacturing Team
• Oversee daily Manufacturing personnel activities, overall job performance, and long-term professional growth
• Interview and make recommendations for hiring new employees as needed
• Establish training requirements for Manufacturing personnel
• Participate in writing an updated operations manual
• Participate in facility improvement and introduction of new machines and practices, as needed
• Participate with Research & Development Teams to ensure practices can be transferred, commercially scaled-up and validated to meet regulatory requirements
• Keep management informed about team operations, projects and production on a regular basis
• Provides direction on major projects and assignments

1) Drafting of the actual business process improvement and factory layout plan
2) Drafting of an operations manual
3) Delivery of the training for the new machines
4) Drafting of a maintenance plan
5) In-brief and out-brief with LEVE Chief of Party.

• 3 months – in-country

Job Qualifications:

• BS or BA in related field
• At least 12 years of manufacturing experience in apparel, shoe manufacturing a plus
• At least 5 years of managerial experience
• Excellent interpersonal skills
• Ability to create and support an environment that encourages employee involvement
• Excellent written and oral communication skills
• Expert knowledge of guidelines, regulations, current industry practices, and strong experience with interpretation and application

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