Finance Director

Company: CFET S.A.

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International Organisations

Location: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Start Date: January 09, 2017

Posted On: Dec 29, 2016

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Finance Director at CFET S.A.

Job Description:

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

The Director of Finance integrates the financial management team and is accountable, under the direction and guidance of the Finance Delegate, for creating financial value, optimizing support and positioning the Field Finance Team as “business partner”.

Description of duties

1) Coordinate the strategic direction and operational services for the economic, efficient and effective management of the Delegation’s financial resources.
a) Actively participate, query and highlight on any perceived/possible financial risks in relation to contracts, memoranda of understanding or agreements.
b) Pursue from contractual agreements to practical implementation the financial procedures to ensure satisfaction in terms of proper financial control.
c) Track, monitor and control financial commitments.

2) Coordinate the budgeting process and financial plan, including the preparation of program and operation budgets.
a) Consider budget revisions and advise on their realism, consistency and compliance.
b) Review and approve the finance section of funding proposals and staff requests.
c) Ensure that budgets are loaded into systems on timely basis.

3) Maintain financial systems and processes, ensuring they operate economically, efficiently and effectively in support of the business objectives.
a) Oversee preparation of accurate and timely reports.
b) Oversee the project financial reporting process and provide financial analysis and statistics on projects funding.
c) Advise and provide timely and accurate financial information to management team, assisting them to interpret financial information and take decisions.
d) Provide regular management reports to allow budget managers to review, monitor and effectively manage projects and make effective operational decisions.

4) Safeguard and optimize the use of financial resources through an appropriate internal control environment, with an emphasis on:
a) Segregation of duties
b) Efficient and effective finance and accounting policies and procedures;
c) Effective budgetary control;
d) Effective oversight of bank and cash portfolio;
e) Accurate, reliable and timely financial reporting;
f) Management of financial risks.

5) Oversee audit processes.
a) Prepare for, facilitate, and ensure smooth processes.
b) Provide direct input to these reviews and clarify queries at source
c) Provide feedback on formal basis for management input to the final documents
d) Follow up on outstanding issues
e) Accept recommendations and ensure prompt implementation

6) Manage and control the funds and financial assets of the Delegation. This includes cash flow and cost control management as well as the management of the payments, working advances, cashier, bank signatories and payroll functions.
a) Avoid unnecessary risk from either exchange rate or physical losses.
b) Pursue e-banking as an improvement to current practices
c) Review and approve cash transfers to the Sub-delegation and Host National Society, and stagger as appropriate.
d) Ensure working advances are current all the time, and reconciled with records. Unused cash advances returned are deposited intact and immediately upon receipt.
e) Provide consolidate cash forecasts and pursue forecasting system.

7) Build and maintain knowledge and understanding of the in-country activities of the components of the Organization.

8) Manage direct line reports and assigned resources (financial, equipment, etc.) soundly.
a) Lead, direct and motivate staff to ensure the highest level of performance in their respective areas of responsibility, ensuring quality service, compliance, accuracy and timeliness.
b) Focus the Field Finance Team to ensure alignment of the finance function with priorities and objectives.
c) Ensure the Field Finance Team is adequately resourced with competent personnel that are properly recruited, trained and managed.
d) Ensure the appropriate organizational structure and train, support and advise staff on financial matters.
e) Be actively involved in succession planning and in ensuring match of skills and experience to position requirements.

9) Liaise with counterparts, Participating National Societies, as well as external partners, I/NGOs, donors, bilateral and multilateral organizations and missions active in the country within the mandate of the key tasks and responsibilities set in this job description.

10) Deputize for the Finance Delegate whenever required.

Duties applicable to all staff

1. Actively work towards the achievement of the Organization’s goals.
2. Abide by and work in accordance with the Organization’s principles.
3. Perform any other work related duties and responsibilities that may be assigned by the line manager.

Lateral Relationships

1. Ensure effective working relationships with counterparts at the Haitian Affiliates, Participating National Societies.
2. Ensure effective working relationships with program and technical teams, services units and departments at the US Headquarters and Sub-delegation.


1. To ensure efficient and effective financial management of Delegation resources.
2. To ensure compliance with the organization and Movement policies and procedures.
3. To seek management and policy advice and guidance as required.

Job Qualifications:


• University degree or equivalent qualification in finance or accounting
• CPAH, AICPA, ACCA or equivalent required
• Relevant advanced university degree (master’s or equivalent) or equivalent qualification in auditing preferred
• 7 to 10 years’ financial management and accounting experience
• 3 to 7 years’ experience in preparing budgets, cash flow statements and financial plans
• 3 to 7 years’ experience in large complex operations
• Familiarity with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) preferred
• Experience of working for an international humanitarian organization
• Familiarity with current standards and guidelines for humanitarian emergency response preferred
• Excellent communication and coordination skills
• Leadership skills, teamwork and relationship building
• Diplomatic, patient, persistent and proactive
• Able to prioritize and meet deadlines
• Flexible and adaptable to changing working conditions
• Good analytical skills and solution focused person
• Demonstrable accountability
• Ability to work well in a multicultural team
• Excellent stress management skills
• Self-supporting in computers (Windows, spreadsheets, word-processing, email, etc.)

About CFET S.A.

CFET S.A. is private Human Resource and Development firm established in Haiti since October 1988, and has a solid experience in designing and implementing planned recruitment strategies, customized training, curriculum and teaching materials development.

CFET S.A.’s mission is to contribute to the improvement of worker’s performance and to facilitate access to a talent pool whose skills and character responds to employers’ needs and codes of ethics. We operate in a world in constant change, characterized by the need to harmonize cultural diversity and universality of skills and the need to prioritize skilled over cheap workforce.

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