Coordinator for children first and Entrepreneurship for Youths

Company: Hunger Relief International

Job Type:

Consulting & Strategy

Location: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Start Date: July 10, 2017

Posted On: Jun 10, 2017

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Coordinator for children first and Entrepreneurship for Youths at Hunger Relief International

Job Description:

HRI is looking for a dynamic and dedicated Coordinator for two new and innovative projects that focus on education, child/orphan reunification and protection, educating parents and youth entrepreneurship opportunities.
Duties and responsibilities:
Children First Project:
Project implementation and coordination
• Support children and families identified and enrolled in the Children First Project.
• Carry out activities within the context of HRI child protection policies, protocols and procedures, resulting in the centers being safe places for children and families to spend time and to receive family support services.
• Ensure that targeted/specialized services (i.e. child support, parent education) are provided at the HRI community-based centers in an effort to improve development outcomes for both children and families.
• Promote and implement a range of family support activities, including adult and family learning, training, parenting and health education, delivered at the centers to the local community.
• Identify parents who would benefit from structured parenting programs and facilitate their access to appropriate programs.
• Lead the delivery of the services at the centers to increase the reach within the community. Ensure that there is an outreach plan to target all children in the geographic area of the center including, and especially, socially excluded and isolated families, as well as troubled families.
• Collate the regular evaluation of family support services and annual parent satisfaction surveys at the centers within the partnership.
Center Management
• Responsible for the overall functioning of the administrative and operational aspects (logistic, financial and technical) of HRI community-based center(s).
• Ensure that HRI centers have up-to-date information, resources, advice and guidance available to families in an accessible format and user friendly environment.
• Responsible for ensuring that registration for services at the community centers is promoted and that all data collected in the system is accurate and kept current.
• Observe all health and safety rules and guidance and to take all reasonable care to promote the health and safety of center staff and beneficiaries.

Community Outreach
• Community mobilization to ensure that the project is well communicated to the local population, and that potential beneficiaries/participants understand the program in order to ensure effective participation of the targeted population (most vulnerable and disadvantaged families).
• Ensure that inclusion issues are taken into account in the delivery of all family support services.
• Identify and coordinate targeted support to help engage the neediest families in the community.

Staff management
• Recruit, lead, manage and support the center staff (mentors, role models, volunteers).
• Provide regular supervision and performance management to enable them to carry out their professional responsibilities at the highest level.
• Conduct regular staff performance appraisals.

Entrepreneurship for Youth Project:
• Under the supervision of the Program Manager and in close collaboration with the HRI staff social worker, work with the selected orphanages to identify youth between the ages of 15-17 years of age who show leadership abilities and demonstrate interest in entrepreneurial opportunities.
• Develop or adapt training materials and conduct trainings on financial management, entrepreneurial skills, basic accounting, business plan development, small and medium enterprises development, marketing, etc.
• Support the identified youth in the orphanages with their enterprise development process (identification of providers/suppliers, purchasing, transportation, storage and selling).
• Develop and mentor youth micro-businesses and track their progress and impact.
• Design and implement new initiatives to further grow the youth’s business pathway of the project.
• Provide ideas for business development and market linkages to enable youth to successfully establish and grow their businesses.
• Promote and train the identified youths on how to create and manage a cooperative or a youth’s network of Savings and Credit Cooperative.
• Research models for the HRI Youth Entrepreneurial Support Project and lead the integration of best practices to improve the project and benefit more young people in the future.
• Establish and develop documenting processes and implementation strategies for the Entrepreneurship Project.

General responsibilities for both projects:
• Manage program budgets and ensure accurate and timely reporting on program finances, including review of progress, performance against budget and eventual variations.
• Report on the status of projects, events and activities to the Program Manager on an ongoing basis and prepare related documents.
• Achieve projects objectives by contributing information and recommendations to strategic plans and reviews, prepare and complete action plans, implement production, resolve problems, and implement change in close collaboration with the Program Manager.

Job Qualifications:

Required Skills and Experience

• A minimum of 2 years of experience in designing and implementing community development programs focusing on family support, children and youth education, and income generation.
• A proven ability to work with disadvantaged families and marginalized children and youth.
• Demonstrated leadership skills.
• A solid foundation in the fundamentals of entrepreneurship/ livelihood development.
• A Bachelor degree in Education, Social Work or Business Management or a combination of relevant experiences and related education.
• A proven ability to mentor, coach or train individuals in business concepts, leadership, etc.
• Experience in skills training or workshop facilitation.
• The ability to build partnerships and deliver collaborative programming.
• Excellent communication skills, both oral and written.
• Experience in starting a small business, working within a start-up business or academic training in business methods would be a strong asset.
• Monitoring and evaluation skills.
• Competency in Entrepreneurship curriculum development.
• Excellent documentation skills.
• Excellent French and Haitian Creole. English will be an asset.
• Professional working knowledge of Microsoft Office suite (word, Excel ,Access, Power point).

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