Revenue Analyst

Company: BRANA S.A

Job Type:

Accounting/Finance & Auditing services

Location: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Start Date: August 13, 2017

Posted On: Jul 06, 2017

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Revenue Analyst at BRANA S.A

Job Description:

1. - Conduct annual pricing review to identify potential RM benefits (based on RM analytics) and set intervals on customer pricing, promo, trade terms, and mix execution:

 Brand Portfolio Pricing & Pack-Price Architecture: Advise marketing on setting of target consumer brand prices. Translate optimal consumer brand prices to SKU list price, set net price intervals and monitor consumer and net price realization by SKU/account;
 Mix: Analyze current mix performance, assess optimal SKU and brand assortment to drive profitability. Identify mix opportunities, support prioritization of SKU mix based on profitability-potential analytics, help set SKU mix allocation and track execution;
 Promotions: Continuously track promo performance using promo analytics tool and set mandatory promo guardrails by brand, account, pack type. Track implemented recommendations and analyze post promotion assessment of pricing and trade investment;
 Discounts & Trade Terms: Identify profit pool opportunities and defensibility risks, set Trade Term framework and guardrails;

2. - Responsible for setting and continuous tracking of RM objectives within OpCo business strategy:

 Track & monitor RM performance throughout the year vs targets/guardrails;
 Escalate out-of-guardrail pricing, promo or trade terms for sign-off;

3. - Drive continuous RM improvement cycle:

 Conduct annual RM assessment; define and execute resulting RM agenda for coming year;
 Train relevant functions with OpCo on RM topics/tools;
 Drive continuous improvement of RM content & processes within the OpCo;

4. - Support other functions within the OpCo on RM topics & processes:

 Support Finance on allocation of resources/funding by accounts, brands and pack types and help Finance set RM targets based on collective insights and recommendations;
 Support Sales with development of account plans and promo calendar within RM guardrails;
 Support Marketing with setting optimal brand / portfolio pricing (e.g. based on elasticities);
 Support innovation agenda with RM market insights (on pricing / positioning / white spaces);
 Promote the use of data within the Commercial, financial and MKT team to support decision making;
 Manage interaction and collaboration between different functions/roles on RM topics;

5. - Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

 Support the business planning cycle of Commerce within the OpCo for the 3-year Strategic Action Plan, the Annual Operational Plan and Latest Estimates;

Job Qualifications:

 Finance Professional, Graduate University/Bachelor or Master degree in related field ;
 1 to 3 years of experience in the area of Commerce & Data Analysis ;
 Challenging approach;
 Strong with excel and other data software ;
 Excellent written and verbal communicator at all levels;
 Skills and preparation of good business cases;
 Fluent in French and English


 Strategic Direction
 Strategic Alignment
 Business Analysis & Challenge
 Integrating Perspectives
 Risk Management
 Stakeholder Management

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